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Hall Street 3PL is the leading cold storage, fulfillment, and logistics services provider in the tri-state area—known not only for our proximity to the largest port on the East Coast but also for the unmatched value and personal attention we provide to our clients’ businesses. At Hall Street 3PL, we ensure the smoothest end-to-end experience by reassessing and then refining your complete cold supply chain journey – from production – to customer.

Starting with a proprietary Intake Assessment, our dedicated team dives deep into understanding your supply chain, challenges, and opportunities for improvement. We then share back an Efficiency Report Card which identifies and maps out near and long-term strategies to save time and money, both of which enable scalability. Whether you’re ready to transition storage from your kitchen, grow beyond a local market, or support national retail or wholesale channels – let it be our business to make yours run smoothly.

Proof Points

Centrally Located in Downtown Brooklyn

In close proximity to the largest port on the East Coast with easy access to all five boroughs, Long Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, Westchester and beyond.

125 Years of Expertise

Offering proactive and responsive customer service, easily accessible 24/7.

Dedicated 20 Person Team

Offering proactive and responsive customer service, easily accessible 24/7.

Proprietary Intake and Supply Chain Assessment

Process that provides outsized savings and efficiency in the range of ~30%+ across various areas of a customer’s business.


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1898 Image

The King’s County Refrigerating Company is officially incorporated in New York City. Marking the inception of our legacy in the refrigeration industry.


1937 Image

12 Hall Street is acquired by the Frederick Figge Company and transformed into a state-of-the-art Refrigeration Plant.


1946 Image

Kings County Cold Storage Inc. takes ownership of 24-38 Hall Street and 61-63 Washington Ave, along with all the equipment and machinery. Cementing our position in the cold storage sector.


1996 Image

Kings County Cold Storage remains after countless neighbors including a milk bottling facility, chewing gum manufacturer and coal yard, come and go over the years.


2006 Image

Hall Street Cold Storage Warehouse rebrands as Hall Street Storage LLC. A change that reflects the growing diversification of our services.


2021 Image

Hall Street Storage mourns Howard Klaus, whose remarkable contributions as CEO left an indelible mark on the New York real estate industry. Leaving a legacy that continues to influence our work today.


2021-2 Image

Hall Street Storage embraces change, welcoming Jeremy Frenkel as CEO. A new era of innovation and expansion begins.


2022 Image

Hall Street Storage rebrands as Hall Street 3PL, launching additional service lines and direct-to-consumer fulfillment services. Our freight brokerage department and competitive trucking quotes are introduced.


2022 Image

Hall Street Ventures' inaugural fund is established. Expanding our mission in supporting breakout food and beverage entrepreneurs.


2023 Image

Hall Logistics strengthens Hall Street 3PL's comprehensive service offerings. We pioneer seamless supply chain solutions, committed to optimizing efficiency and reliability for our clients nationwide.


2024 Image

Introducing Hall Fulfillment, the latest addition to the Hall Street 3PL family. With precision and dedication, we're revolutionizing order fulfillment, empowering businesses to exceed customer expectations with swift and streamlined delivery solutions.

Our journey, marked by innovation, leadership, and enduring legacy, continues to drive us towards excellence and pioneering solutions in the industry.