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Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

Where are you located?

We are centrally located in the heart of Brooklyn, in between Williamsburg and Dumbo. Located off of exit 30-31 on the Brooklyn Queens Expressway, our facility provides easy access to all five boroughs of New York City, Long Island, Westchester, Connecticut, New Jersey, and beyond.

Our delivery address is:
Hall Street 3PL c/o: [your company name]
12 Hall Street
Brooklyn, NY 11205

When you’re ready to deliver a product to our facility, please note that we require it be scheduled at least 48 hours prior. To schedule your delivery, email

Please include the following information:

  • Pallet numbering
  • Lot codes
  • Expiration dates
What safety measures are in place to protect my products?

Our facility has 24-hour surveillance security and a connection to a fire/burglar central monitoring system.

Does your warehouse have an FDA?

Yes, we are registered with the FDA and the U.S. Department of Agriculture and Markets. Our team oversees all the product handling. We know the demands of managing large inventories and the sensitive nature of working with perishable foods and alcohol.

Do you have a backup generator?

To ensure the safety of all your goods, our warehouse is equipped with backup generators.

What are your warehouse hours?

Our shipping and receiving hours are Monday-Friday 7 AM to 4 PM. All trucks must be checked in with sufficient time to complete loading and/or unloading by 3:30 PM.

What are all the services you offer?
  • Storage: Our facility has the scale to manage all your inventory with a range of climate-controlled storage rooms and warehouse service options.
    • Frozen Storage: 0°F to -10°F
    • Refrigerated Storage: 32°F to 38°F
  • Fulfillment: Our dedicated staff monitors your customer transactions and delivers a seamless e-commerce process. We warehouse goods, fulfill every order and track inventory levels.
  • Shipping: By truck, sea, air, or rail, we are dedicated to providing seamless, cost-efficient, fast shipping of all your goods through our network of logistics partners.
I need storage - how can I get started?

Typically, we can have your storage account established in 24-48 hours.

For more information, contact us at

What are your billing terms?

Our storage terms are month-to-month, with bills being generated on the 1st and 15th of each billing cycle. We only bill for the months when you have inventory in our facility.

Do you have any requirements on storage terms?

We require any storage accounts to submit a new customer application. Click here to complete your profile.

Warehouse & Storage FAQs

What temperature-regulated storage options do you offer?

Whether you need your product frozen, chilled, or dry, we’ve got you covered with temperature-controlled warehousing, including:

  • Frozen Storage: 0°F to -10°F
  • Refrigerated Storage: 32°F to 38°F
  • Dry Storage
We’re ready to get started…when I can bring in my products?

Typically, we can have your storage account established in 24-48 hours.

Once my product arrives, can you provide deliveries to my customers?

Yes, you can count on our team to carefully package and safely ship your merchandise to meet all your customers’ expectations. 
To release a product to another company, please email with the lot number, quantity, date/time and company name.

Here’s how our process works: When your merchandise arrives at our Brooklyn warehouse, we enter its details into our computerized inventory management system. Next, we package and label your goods to ensure safe arrival at their destination. Once your merchandise is ready to ship, we outline the most efficient logistics plan possible. Leveraging our network of ground, ocean, and air partners,  we guarantee a safe and on-time arrival of your product.

Do you accept emergency shipments?

Yes, we can accommodate emergency shipments and receipts. Additional charges may apply for rush services.

How can I start storing with Hall Street 3PL?

To begin the application process, please fill out the fields in our Contact Us form and we will contact you.

Next steps after we contact you will be to complete our storage application form. Once completed, please email with the subject line: Storage Customer Application: [company name].

To download our PDF application, click here.


Can you receive palletized and floor loads?

Yes, we can accept both palletized trailer and floor loads.

Can you ship samples for me?

Yes, we can ship customer samples. Our team can supply insulated boxes and dry ice, as well as oversee the  packing of products. To learn more, contact

How can I pick up my product?

To pick up a product, please email or call us at 718-855-3636. Please have the following information available:

  • Lot number
  • Quantity
  • Requested pick-up date/time


Fulfillment FAQs

What is the typical turnaround time for order processing?

Orders placed by 12 PM will be shipped the same day. 

How are orders received and confirmed?

Our WMS (Logiwa) integrates with the client’s store channels. The orders will be received via WMS.

Can I integrate my e-commerce platform with your order processing system?

Yes, our WMS software can integrate with several online store channels including Shopify, WooCommerce, Amazon FBA, and more.

Which shipping carriers does Hall Street 3PL use?

Hall Street 3PL has secured competitive shipping rates with both UPS and FedEx for both domestic and international shipments. Utilizing our cutting-edge software, we continuously compare real-time negotiated rates from various carriers, empowering our customers to optimize shipping costs for each individual order.

What shipping options are available (standard, expedited, etc)?

Ground and 2nd day air.

How are returns and exchanges handled?

All returns are communicated back to the client and we ask them if they would like us to reship, dispose, or put away the products returned.

Does Hall Street 3PL provide boxes and packing supplies?

Hall Street 3PL  can source a variety of packaging options for you including dunnage, corrugated boxes, poly mailers, and bubble mailers of various size. Packing supplies such as tape and shipping labels are provided free of charge.

Does Hall Street 3PL allow customers to use their own branded boxes and packaging supplies?

Yes, Hall Street 3PL allows customers to use their own custom boxes and packing materials. This eliminates packaging fees for your orders. Custom packaging and packing materials would be be assigned their own SKU and be included in Hall Street 3PL monthly storage fee.

Do you offer integration with popular e-commerce platforms?


  • Amazon
  • BigCommerce
  • Magento
  • Salesforce v Shopify
  • Square
  • Squarespace
  • TikTok
  • Walmart
  • Wix
  • WooCommerce
Can I access real-time information about my inventory and orders?


What packaging options are available for my products?

We have our stock boxes and liners. We also have gel packs and dry ice. We can provide and source most materials requested by the client (bubble wrap, crinkle paper, etc).

Which days do you offer shipping?

Hall Street 3PL operates from Monday to Friday, providing fulfillment and shipping services on these days. If you have a special project that necessitates shipping beyond our regular business hours, our team at Hall Street 3PL can accommodate and discuss customized shipping timelines to meet your needs. Feel free to contact us, and we’ll be glad to review the details with you.

Is there an additional cost for special packaging requests?

Depends on the request.

How can I reach customer support in case of issues or questions?

Every customer will have a dedicated account executive from day one.

Is there a dedicated account manager for my business?

Every customer will have a dedicated account executive from day one.

Is there a maximum number of orders you can handle?

It is preferred that you coordinate with us well in advance when you have advance notice of upcoming events or situations, rather than making last-minute arrangements.

How is the security of my products ensured within the warehouse?

Our warehouse has security cameras in the storage and packing areas.

What quality control measures are in place for order accuracy?

At our logistics company, we have robust quality control measures in place to ensure order accuracy. This includes thorough checks at various stages of the fulfillment process, utilizing advanced tracking and inventory management systems, and regular audits conducted by our dedicated quality control team. We prioritize precision in order processing to guarantee the accuracy and reliability of every shipment.

Freight Brokerage & Logistics FAQs

What Details Are Required for a Freight Quote?

The more details the better! Details must include the commodity, temperature (Frozen, Refrigerated, Dry), preferred transportation service (LTL, FTL, Intermodal/Rail, Drayage, etc.), origin and destination postal zip codes, pickup date, pallet count, shipment gross weight and deliver by date if applicable.

Freight Type Specialization: Do You Have Any?
  • Specialize in FTL (Dry, Refrigerated, and Frozen)
  • Specialize in Refrigerated LTL
Using Preferred Carriers: Is It an Option?

Yes if the carrier request is a part of our carrier base.

Determining Shipping Rates: How Are They Calculated?

Determined on pallet count, weight, distance, and mode of transportation.

Shipment Tracking: How Can I Monitor My Delivery?

You can get real-time updates through the customer portal as well as call or email your account manager.

Additional Fees: Are There Any Beyond the Initial Quote?
  • Any accessorials that are not mentioned prior to booking 
  • Any Reweigh Fees
  • Lumper Fee
Cargo Types: What Can Freight Brokers Handle?

All cargo types.

Ensuring Carrier Reliability and Compliance: How Is It Done?

All carriers are onboarded and screened to meet our minimum qualifications.

Insurance Coverage for Shipments: What's Included?

All carriers have a minimum of $100,000 in cargo liability insurance.

Additional Insurance for High-Value Shipments: Can I Purchase It?

For Additional Insurance for High-Value Shipments, the customer must state the value of the goods when requesting a quote.

Communication in Case of Issues or Delays: How Does It Work?

Communication is handled via email.

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