We’ve all felt the strain of supply chain challenges since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Both manufacturing and transportation labor shortages have created a negative impact for both consumers and businesses. There is nothing more frustrating than knowing the goods you ordered are in fact available, but there is no way to currently receive them. Your desired merchandise is sitting in a warehouse with an undetermined date for pickup and final delivery.

Seeing the demand in the marketplace for dependable freight brokerage services, Hall Street 3PL has expanded our freight brokerage division. We’ve recently onboarded a customer service representative to serve as an additional layer of support for both clients and our multiple logistics partners.

Concierge Client Experience

We encourage you to connect with our customer service team. They will take the time to understand your business and how we can best partner with you to add efficiency to your supply chains. Hall Street 3PL is a private company and it feels like it! You’ll work with a client manager who will cultivate a solid working relationship-not an operator reading off a screen at a large institution. We’ll put your mind at ease knowing your merchandise is protected, organized and ready for pickup.

Temperature Controlled Storage & Transportation from Our Prime Location

Your merchandise is the foundation of your business. As New York’s premier cold and dry warehouse, we can provide frozen, refrigerated and dry storage for your freight. We understand the delicate nature of storing and transporting all food products. Once your goods are ready for transport, we have access to multiple fleets of refrigerated and frozen trucks. Our prime location grants easy access to Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan and Long Island carriers and drivers. For over 100 years, our warehouse has been located across from the Brooklyn Navy Yard. This has established us as a distribution hub for clients who transport throughout the Northeast corridor. 

Extensive Network of Logistics Partners

Our network expands beyond trucking to sea, air and rail. We will develop the fastest and most cost-efficient route for your freight from pickup to its final destination. Our expert team has coordinated logistical plans for countries throughout the globe including India, China, Bangladesh, Guiana, Haiti, Africa, Israel, Italy and France. We have the capacity to manage costs and infrastructure and technology to keep each shipment secure and organized.

Seamless Shipping Process

Now that you know what we can do and where we can transport your freight…what can you expect during the shipping process? We provide you with real-time tracking and both order and push notifications. Your relationship manager will be available to answer any questions and respond to any unforeseen challenges. It is our commitment to provide reliable and quick delivery of your freight each and every time. Call us today and let’s discuss how we can become your trusted freight carrier.